For the residents in the outside of the country, the association will become via email, by means of a Form of Pre-Association that you will find next, just you will receive the instructions there to follow.


For assciating to our Club, it is necessary to satisfy certain requirements, the main ones will be detailed next:


1. To have a Ford Taunus.

2. That the same is in very good conditions.

3. To have the documentation in rule and the insurance in use.

4. To be companion, respectful and warm with the rest of the Partners.

5. To compliment the indications and to respect the ones in charge of the Organization of the Club.

6. The Organization of the Club the future reserves the right of admission of Partner.

7. To assume a responsibility and a commitment towards the Club, since the Club towards the Partners does.


If you fulfill the detailed requirements, it only remains to complete the Form and to hope the approval of the same to be able to be part of Club Taunus Argentina. The Partners of the Interior do not pay monthly payment. It is essential, at least one (1) photo of the car. The International Partners do not pay monthly payment.


The later contact or any previous consultation on the matter, must be realised to the following electronic post-office box:


The shipment of this form does not imply the association to the Club, since first the requirements must be fulfilled previously mentioned to comprise of this Organization, which will be verified by the Organizing Commission.


Form of Pre-Association