Our objective is to foment the passion which we took inside by a mark, by a model, the Ford Taunus, basing to us on the respect to the fellow and the human value of each person, all this developed in a familiar atmosphere and of friendship, where we expose our cars. Breathing an air of camaraderie between his partners.



When not finding a place with these characteristics we decided the 26 of November of the 2000, to form what today we called Club Taunus Argentina. A Club without profit aims, that this opening to all those that they feel this passion and they want to share it. All are welcome to our Club.



In our Club we shared ideas, experiences and interest data, to know better your Taunus or Granada, we showed our " Fierros " and we fomented the love and the passion that we felt by these wonderful cars.



Our activities are made up of a monthly meeting, possible intermediate meetings, encounter and presentations in exhibitions, to benefit in their majority, encounter with other Clubs and exits in caravan to places in common agreement.



Is totally gratuitous, is of all and for all. Our Club counts on an organization, compound of a founder and organizer, Co-founders, una commission and of Mr. partners.



To share this passion which we felt by the Ford Taunus with the others is part of our objectives... Before any doubt or consults comunicarte with us. If you visited our Club and already you did not feel that this outside thus, please to know.



They are invited and they are welcome all the users and possessors of Ford Taunus and Ford Granada in all its versions and models to share its passion in our Club..


Thank you very much...




"To meet it is the principle,

to follow together is to advance,

to work together is the success."


Henry Ford





In order to contact with the Club You count on several areas. Single notary publics or calls to:



Club Taunus Argentina

E-mail: info@clubtaunus.com.ar

Tel: +54 (011) 4942-2379

Organizer: Carlos A. Gonzalez - Socio 01

E-mail: carlos@clubtaunus.com.ar


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