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This report can be seen as in Europe, Australia and South Africa, twins Cortinas / Taunus, had their limited versions.


Engines with something more special paint schemes, and some details that are the delight of those few fans who can access these cars "equal but different".


In these photos we can see the MK5 Cortina, English version, in its limited edition "CRUSADER". Two-tone paint, tinted glass, both internal control outside mirrors, black bumpers, upholstery of new and unique combinations, improved speakers, AM / FM, among other details, they could be available in GL and GLS versions.


Cortina Crusader Wagon version


The Cortina Crusader of the Year '82, commemorating the Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages. Note the quality of internal finish of the vehicle and the exquisite selection of upholstery, with much more ergonomic front seats, and much like the "future" Sierra approaching.



The most notable feature was the choice of two-tone bodywork, provided the lighter in the basement, which gives lot of class to the mix, plus side casts consisting of two lines that come with the belt line of the curtain as suggestive, as well as in the hood giving the final touches to this limited edition.


However, for the traditionalists but also existed the possibility of a single tone content.



The Ford Taunus TC1 was from 1970 to 1975, two FACELIFTING. The first in 1974, which is identical to the first series Argentinian Taunus, or you change the board, upholstery, and the front grid, plus an adjustment to the engines. The last FACELIFTING, almost to the hour of their discontinuation by the Taunus 2, you remove the front grille and chrome is full plastic. The word Ford, is included within the grid.



1974, The Ford Koln, produces a limited edition of Taunus in Sweden, called "SWEDEN", commemorating 50 years of Ford in that country.


The vehicle chosen was the XL Taunus coupe 1600 with only two color options. Dark blue with white vinyl, and orange with brown vinyl. He was the only Taunus TC1 with wipers on the headlights for water and snow!


Taunus Sweden


The Ford Taunus, was exported to Italy. Note that the front position lamps, were transparent and not orange like his brothers.



Ford England, exported its products to its satellite countries, such as Canada. Note that the bumper of the Cortina, are more outgoing and has lights placed in the lateral position, both backward and forward.



This later version of the Cortina MK3 (replaced by the MK4 in 1977 in England) was named GT LHD and used "only" to be exported from the UK. The word Ford, like the last Taunus TC1, was already included in the grille made completely of black plastic.


Cortina GT LHD


The German Taunus TC3  in 1979 had their first limited edition called "FESTIVAL". Bumper black, special colors and body color grille also casts himself in the side.


Taunus Festival


Taunus Festival


Another special versions of the German Taunus was the "Favorit" "Savoy" and "Bravo". Paint, upholstery and external stripes Nothing unusual. 1981.


Taunus Favorit


Last year of production of the Taunus in Germany, 1982, defines a special version called "Brilliant." The idea was the same as the previous two, "Favorites" and "FESTIVAL.


Taunus Brillant


In England, there was a version of the Cortina MK5 called "Carousel", which was to feature a combination of two striking colors in the body in just two possibilities and few colors of upholstery. The engines were only available in 1300cc and 1600cc.


Taunus Carousel


The 2.0 Pinto and all V6 Cologne remained outside. That is a limited edition but in the intermediate range, therefore not very luxurious. Luxury options such as tinted glass, headlamp wash, automatic transmission, clock, AM / FM, power mirrors and others were optional for most luxury models like the GLS, Ghia, and S.



A South African Thoroughbred. The Cortina XR6 English Essex 3.0L engine. His limited edition XR6 was called "INTERCEPTOR". Other versions of this V6, was the "XOCET" and "TF: Team Ford" which ran in South African circuits together to cars like BMW, Alfa Romeo and so on. He won several championships.



Cortina XR6 "INTERCEPTOR" 3.0 V6


In this case, we see the Team Ford Cortina XR6, in itself, very little even in his years of 0 km, which were based on South African XR6 normal, but with the engine power, which included three simultaneous carburetors for the V6 3.0 Essex, buoying the Cortina to close 200 km/h. A distinctive detail with respect to normal XR6 was the decal side trims. Just leave the car body in white.




Special versions of the XR6, carburetors were fitted with three parallel, and the engine timing had sporting equipment such as cylinder head worked, differential 3,08:1 and others. The front suspension was improved substantially. It was unfortunately discontinued in 1984. Interceptor only 250 units were built.


Another limited version of the MK5 Cortina, was called "SERIES X".

This version could be purchased only at the express request of the applicant, was powered engine, exhaust, lowered suspension, racing coils, gas shocks, rally style wheels light alloy,  rear spoiler, front spoiler, Recaro seats and some more details.






Report: Ediciones Limitadas

Redaction: Carlos (01) / Alejandro (06)

Date: 01/02/2002

Edition: Carlos (01)

Investigation: Alejandro (06)

Collaboration: Alexander Beyer


Buenos Aires - Argentina 2002 Club Taunus Argentina