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The Taunus range was made in Turkey by Ford Otosan Otomobil Sanayii A.S. from 1985. This production went on until 1994..


The first Turkish Taunus version was the same that the last European version or our Taunus known as "Ghia line"


The first restayling, only touched the bumpers for others more widder than previuos ones, and integrated to body line, and four headlamps. The weels were of different design too.



At least, the nig metamorfosis!!! The bumpers with sofisticated shapes ans smooth lines, the tallights from Orion MK1, and a reflect pannel among them, and the number plate is on the bumper again from 15 years ago. The trunk win a Sierra MK2/Scorpio MK1 style..



The side moulds are bigger . The wheels are made of alluminium (Ford Fiesta MK3 style). The front is launched forward. The front lights are of Sierra MK1 and the corner lights made with clear plastic. The dashboard,the trims and all inside is new, giving to the Taunus a younger image. Inside is Sierra looked.



The Taunus version better equiped of the history was the GTS, it had radio stereo with cassettes, electric windows, central lock, air aconditioned, 4 head rest, 5 speeds, hydraulic direction, sporty wheels, rear spoiler, centre clock and a lot of things more.



We can see the GTS version had the bumpers, door handles and the rear mirrors in the same body colour. The front lights from Sierra high spec. About the engines for GL and GTs were the 1.6 Pinto (the same of our Sierra 1.6 L and GL), and the GTS was powered by 2.0 Pinto (115 cv, 170 km/h).



No es coincidencia que se empiece a fabricar en Turquía, luego de haberse dejado de fabricar en nuestro país, las matrices que poseía Ford Motor Argentina, se exportaron a la Ford Otosan de Turquía, y es así como empieza su producción. En Argentina se termina la producción en el año 1984 (reemplazado por el Ford Sierra) y en Turquía se comienza a fabricar en el año 1985.



Podríamos decir que los Taunus GLS y GTS son los "descendientes" o "herederos", de nuestros Taunus argentinos.



This is only a prrof the Taunus model with only a few modifications could have been a modern car with fashion shapes.


Maybe in the future we will enjoy a New Taunus, like the Mustang or Thunderbird, including the Capri, maybe between us in a short time.


Maybe some day exist a modern Taunus again with new concepts and technology, and to live like a true inmortal.

Technicals Especification of Taunus 2.0 GLS







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