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This report is dedicated to workest Taunus/Cortina range, the P100 a pick up made in very few countries (Germany, Turkey and South Africa).


In South Africa was made the pick up version of MK3, MK4 and MK5 called P100, known too as "Bakkie". It was sold in England, Sudafrica and Turkey, but some units you can find it too in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.



17M pick up other version of P100


Taunus Badewanne 17M pick up were made in Germany to export to South Africa (500 units). It could carry almost 1 ton!!!


12M pick up 1952 mostrando su capacidad de carga


We can see the first Taunus pick ups. With the later models, somebody remember them as 10M, but never were called like this officially.


Cortina P100 1973


The P100 Curtain of the photo superior is able to load 680kg or 1,500lb.



Here some more common version.


P100 MK3

P100 MK5


As our TC1 (MK3 Cortina) and our TC3 (MK5 Cortina).


P100 MK5 P100 MK5


It was sold without rear box too It was sold without rear box too.


P100 MK5 without rear box





Turkish version...


In this photo the self-adhesive decoration of this version is appraised well


Despite it was an utilitary vehicle, it had a limited edition with V6 3.0L Essex and this version plus 4x4. Yes 4x4.


 Corty P100 V6 4x4 Corty P100


Above, we can see the V6 version with double traction and two tone scheme, telling us it can carry more of 1 ton. Other versions were powered by a Diesel engine and the familiar 1.6 Pinto. It was made too in Turkey from 1986 to 1993. The sides could be opened for better access.


Taunus Turkish P100 with lateral folding






Report: A trabajar...

Redaction: Carlos (01) / Alejandro (06)

Date: 01/04/2002

Edit: Carlos (01)

Investigation: Alejandro (06)

Collaboration: Alexander Beyer


Buenos Aires - Argentina 2002 Club Taunus Argentina