TAUNUS L (1974/1980)


The economic version but of Ford Taunus in our country was equipped with a motor of 2.000 cm, was the unique Taunus in Argentina in bringing this motor.


TAUNUS GXL (1974/1980)


This version of luxury, already was equipped with a motor of 2.300 cm. Although first they introduced the same motor that the version "L". It counted on some optional like the vinílico ceiling and automatic gearbox.


TAUNUS GT (1975/1980)


This is a coupé Fast Back, that marked a history between coupés that offered the Argentine market with a very sport air, brought the same motor 2,3 that the GXL.


TAUNUS GT SP (1979/1980)


With a harnessed motor, sport ornaments and unique details for this model, this wild version but of coupé appeared.


TAUNUS L (1981/1984)


Skipping the line of the TCII this new model appears, with a motor of 2.000 cm and but modern in its lines, like updating itself in the times that ran.


TAUNUS Ghia (1981/1984)


With a complete equipment of optional series and some Taunus east it leaves to directly compete with the imported cars and those of median range of the national terminals.


TAUNUS Ghia S (1981/1984)


Aesthetically and equipped just as "Ghia" its secret was under the cowling, its harnessed motor was just as the one of coupé GT SP.


TAUNUS GT (1981/1983)


Coupé also renewed its lines, is possible to emphasize that this design is net national, the one in charge of his restyling was Tomadoni.


TAUNUS GT SP (1981/1982)


It could not lack the harnessed version, with unique details of this model appears renewed version SP, following the outer tradition of the sport ornaments.


TAUNUS GT SP5 (1983)


Perhaps one of but remembered of the history of the Taunus in our country, presented/displayed the same characteristics that the SP, but introduced a 5 speed gearbox, also improved many aspects in their inner comfort.


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